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Irwindale Regional Shopping Center

Notice of Availability

Draft EIR - Irwindale Regional Shopping Center

that a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR), SCH # 2014071042, has been prepared by the City of Irwindale (Lead Agency) and is available for a 45-day public review period on the City’s website at: The 45-day public review period begins on December 24, 2014 and ends on February 6, 2015. If you have problems accessing the document on the City’s website please contact Brandi Jones at .

Project Title: Irwindale Regional Shopping Center

Project Applicant: Irwindale Outlet Partners, LLC

Project Location: The proposed project is located west of Interstate 605 (I-605), south of Interstate 210 (I-210), and north of Interstate 10 (I-10) in the northwestern portion of the City of Irwindale in the County of Los Angeles. The project site is specifically located at the southwest corner of the I-605 Live Oak Avenue interchange approximately 750 feet east of Arrow Highway. The project site is currently occupied by the Irwindale Speedway with an address of 500 Speedway Drive. The project site consists of three parcels of land identified as Assessor’s Parcel Numbers (APNs) 8532-004-022, 8532-004-025, and 8532-004-026. Refer to Location Map.

Brief Description of the Project: The proposed Irwindale Regional Shopping Center consists of an approximately 700,000 square-foot shopping center on a 63.5 acre site. In addition to the primary function of the shopping center to provide commercial space for shopping opportunities, the project includes ancillary amenities including a central plaza for public gatherings, entryway features, an outdoor entertainment/performance area, and a food court. The proposed project will include related improvements, including, but not limited to parking, landscape planters, fencing, and walls. The project would be completed in two phases. Phase 1 of the project would develop approximately 455,000 square feet or 65 percent of the total project building space. Phase 2 would develop approximately 245,000 square feet or 35 percent of the total project space. (See Conceptual Site Plan)

The project site is bordered by Live Oak Avenue and an active construction landfill to the north, an active quarry to the south, I-605 to the east, and a trucking and distribution center to the west. The project site is currently occupied by the Irwindale Speedway. The site currently zoned for Heavy Manufacturing (M-2) and the City’s General Plan designates for Commercial/Recreational land use. The site is surrounded by industrial/business park, mining, and regional commercial land uses. The project site is bordered by Live Oak Avenue and a landfill to the north, an active quarry and Graham Access Road to the south, I-605 to the east, and a truck distribution center to the west. Northwest and south of the project site are two very large mining pits that are generally partially filled with groundwater and runoff. Beyond the adjacent land uses are residential neighborhoods. Olive Junior High School and Walnut Elementary School are approximately 0.5 mile southeast of the project site.

Among other entitlements and approvals, to approve the Project, the City Council is expected to consider: a zone change from Heavy Manufacturing (M-2) to Heavy Commercial (C-2), a Site Plan and Design Review, and a Development Agreement.

List of Significant Environmental Effects: The EIR analyzed the following topical environmental issue areas: Air Quality, Geology and Soils, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Hazards and Hazardous Materials, Hydrology and Water Quality, Noise, Traffic, and Water Supply.

The Proposed Project, if approved and implemented, is expected to result in the following Significant an Unavoidable Impacts:

    Air Quality (VOC, NOx, and CO emissions operation and cumulative impacts);

    Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Short-term and long-term cumulative emissions and conflict with greenhouse gas reduction plans).

Traffic (The Project contributes to the less than standard Level of Service (LOS) at three intersections)

All other impacts studied in the DEIR, will be less than significant impacts, or less than significant impacts with feasible mitigation measures.

Contact Person:

If you have any questions about this project, or wish to comment on the public draft document, you are encouraged to contact:

Mr. Gustavo Romo, Community Development Director

City of Irwindale

5050 North Irwindale Avenue Irwindale, California 91706 (626) 430-2206 (Office)

(626) 962-2018 (Fax)